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Accounts With Tally ERP 9

Want to become a Professional Accountant? Looking for a Best Accounting Course in Khanna? Micro Wave Computer Institute provides Best Accounting Computer Course in Khanna. We are offering our scholars a training that covers a deep knowledge to meet the accounting necessities. In Best Accounting Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute we not only teach the concepts to students but also help them to learn how you can practically execute these concepts into your daily accounting progression with practical examples. Our up-to-date method of teaching makes Micro Wave Computer Institute  the Best Accounting Course Training Institute in Khanna. Micro Wave is providing you a quality atmosphere for learning. Our goal is to help every student to live their dream by fulfilling the requirements.

What Is Manual Accounting In Khanna?

A manual accounting system is a bookkeeping system in which business activity transactions are recorded, where financial records are kept without using a computer system with specialized accounting software. Business has an option of keeping financial records with the usages of a computerized accounting system or by hand. 

Who Uses It And Why?

Small businesses use Manual Accounting systems because they  have lower upfront cost less and manual accounting is relatively easy to use. Undoubtedly, the accounting needs of new and  small businesses are simple and may not have many financial entries to make. Manually keeping the financial records informs what he or she is doing. In addition, you can gain instant access to your records. In manual accounting, you do not have to worry about internet outages.

Brief Course Content Of Best Accounting Course In Khanna

Basics Of Accounting

Objectives of Financial Accounting,  What is Financial Accounting, Limitations of Financial Accounting,  Advantages of Financial Accounting, What is Accounting Equation, What is Double Entry System

Classification Of Accounts

Real Accounts, Personal Accounts, Nominal Accounts.

Terms Used In Accounting

 Liabilities, Assets,  Receivables, Debtors, Capital, Creditors,Payables, etc.

Principles/Concepts/Conventions Of Accounting

Principles, and Concepts of accounting are required, Why Conventions

Fundamental Conventions, Principles, And Concepts Of Accounting

Accounting Period Concept, Matching Concept, Entity Concept, Materiality Concept, Dual Aspect Concept,  Objective Evidence Concept, Money Measurement Concept, Cost Concept

Recording Procedure In Accounting

What is a Voucher,What is a transaction,  Posting of transactions into Ledger, Recording of transactions in Book of Primary Entry (JOURNAL),  Introduction to Subsidiary Books of Accounting viz? Cash Book, Preparation of Trial Balance, Sales Book, Bank Book, Purchase Book etc.

Preparation Of Final Accounts

The significance of Final Accounts, Classification of Assets: – Current, Fixed Assets, Classification of Liabilities: – Introduction to terms like Revenue & Capital Incomes/Expenses,Fixed Liabilities, Current Liabilities, Profit & Loss Account, Direct/Indirect Incomes & Expenses, Balance Sheet, Introduction to Trading Account/Manufacturing Account.

Introduction To Tally ERP 9

It stands for: Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yard. It is a computer software and small, medium and large organisations use Tally to manage the accounts. However, this software is in high demand these days for sales, Payroll Billing, ,Profit Analysis, Accounting and Auditing Banking Inventory, Taxation such as VAT, TDS, TCS. As record, count or a record of credit and debit or an account tally is distinct. This software is used by people for accounting purposes.

Tally ERP 9 Course Syllabus :-

Module 01: Company Management and User Interface 

Module 02: Masters – Ledgers

Module 03: Masters – Groups

Module 04: Masters – Bill-wise Debtors and Creditors Ledger

Module 05: Payment Voucher

Module 06: Day Book in Tally

Module 07: Pre-Allocation of Bills

Module 08: Receipt Voucher

Module 09: Contra and Journal Voucher

Module 10: Cheque Printing 

Module 11: Masters : Inventory

Module 12: Billing Features in Tally

Module 13: Purchase Order Processing

Module 14: Sales Order Processing

Module 15: Debit and Credit Notes

Module 16: Bank Reconciliation in Tally

Module 17: Interest Calculations (Auto Mode)

Module 18: Voucher Types and Class

Module 19: Point of Sales

Module 20: Scenarios and Optional Vouchers  

Module 21: Budgets and Controls in Tally

Module 22: Cost Centres and Cost Categories

Module 23: Party Ledger Analysis

Module 24: Purchase and Sales Reporting

Module 25: Stock Analysis and Reports

Module 26: Cash and Bank Reports

Module 27: Search, Filter and Sorting

Module 28: Financial Reports

Module 29: Multi Language

Module 30: Export, Import, Backup and Restore

Module 31: Central Sales Tax (CST) in Tally

Module 32: Tally Audit

Module 33: Tally Dot Net Features

Module 34: Multi-Currency

Module 34: Printing Reports

Module 35: Miscellaneous

Module 36: Shortcut Keys

Functions Of Tally

It provides a different variety of functions. Follow the functions of tally:

  •  1) Online functions.
  •  2) Government Supported Formats.
  •  3) Multilingual Operations.

 Processing for all sorts of small, medium and big businesses.

However, the present version of Tally has offer many advanced features like:

 1) TDS    2) Better data migrating     3) TCS      4) Payroll management

Scope Of Tally

No doubt, these days tally is in demand because it is used by all small and large businesses to deal with their accounts. Tally is easier to perform with the speed because it does not use any code. It is not only cost effective but also time absorbing . In less time, tally has become a suitable account managing platform and learners find it easier to learn as well as they can easily apply in their work. Most of the companies give preference to hire professional accountants who have tally skills to meet the growing demand for good accountants. After the introduction of GST billing, the software which is trending in the field of Accounting in India is Tally. 


The duration of Account with Tally ERP 9.0 is 3 Months.

Job Opportunities After Completing Tally ERP 9.0​

1) Chartered Accountant 2) External Auditor 3) Internal Auditor 4) Financial Analyst 5) Compliance Executive 6) Staff Accountant

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Why Learn Tally ERP 9.0 From Micro Wave Computer Institute In Khanna ?

Most of the individuals and business cooperates use tally for accounting as it become high paid profession.Our Experts prepare students in such a way so that they can make a  good career as an accountant, data entry operator, account assistant, tally operator and much more Though, it will need some hard work and expertise to evaluate the Goods and Service taxes. So, the syllabus which Micro Wave is teaching is up-to-date and the training criterion makes Micro Wave Computer Institute the Best Tally Training Institute in Khanna.

Why Choose Micro Wave Computer Institute For Tally ERP 9.0 Training In Khanna?

Micro Wave Computer Institute is the Best Tally Training Institute in Khanna where students can get quality education and learn every concept in – depth. We have well-furnished classrooms, well-equipped labs, well qualified and experienced trainers who prepare you for your better future. Our Tally Training in Khanna include all required modules which are necessary to get a better job in the field of accounting.

The timing schedule is very flexible as students are allowed to opt the batch schedule according to their requirements.

All the trainers of Micro Wave Computer Institute are highly qualified and skilled who teach students with full dedication.  The experts in Micro Wave Computer Institute not only enrich the classroom experience but also boost engagement. Teachers pay personal attention to every student so that they can learn better. Motivate them to talk more openly, ultimately feel more engaged in the process of learning and think more creatively. During the working hours our lab is open all the time for students. 

Our ISO certificates are accepted globally and we provide certificate to you  after completion of course.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We teach Tally ERP 9.0 in after manual accounting in Accounts Computer Course.

    Tally is easier to perform with the speed because it does not use any code. 

    Yes, when you have completed your course we will provide you a certificate which will be valid in order to apply for any job in future. 

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