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C Programming Language Course

C Programming Language Course in Khanna

Worried about how to learn C language ? Want to get training of Best C Programming Language Course in Khanna?  Do not Worry Micro Wave Computer Institute  is providing you proper training of C Programming Language  and helps you to make learning interesting. Micro Wave Computer Institute provides Best C Programming Language Course in Khanna for all the professionals. Our experts provide professional as well as practical  training in Khanna. 

What Is C Programming Language?

C is a structured programming language which was firstly developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972.  It can be used to develop software like databases, operating systems, compilers, and so on. Also, it is developed for not only machine level but also for high level language. 

C Programming Language

Most Important Features Of C Programming Language

The core features of a programming language describe its uniqueness and ability. Also, describe how beneficial it can be in developing a website or software. The features of C languages are listed below :

Simple And Efficient

C language is very simple and easy to learn and understand. C is used as an introductory language to introduce programming to school students because of this feature.


It is a well-known fact that statically typed programming languages are faster rather than dynamic ones. Also, C is a compiler – based program which helps to make the compilation and execution of codes faster. Only necessary and required features are available in C which assist it to make fast, resulting in increased speed.

Low Cost

C is definitely worth considering, If you want to build something from scratch.  As C has a simple structure, without wasting too much time you can figure out whether you have made a mistake or not when developing your program. To complete a task,  If you hire someone, they would only charge you less money.


Portability is another feature of the C language. As C programs are machine- independent. As a result, with some machine-specific changes you can run the fraction of a code created in C on various machines. It works very well across different platforms such as Linux, Windows, Android,  Mac OS X,  iOS, etc. 


You can quickly extend a C program and  it allows you to add functionalities, new features, and operations to an existing C program. Although, code is already written but you can add new features to it with a few alterations. 

Easy Debugging

You can easily debug your code because C does not require complex statements like variables, conditionals, arrays,  loops, functions, pointers, etc. For example, you can press CTRL+D to stop the process immediately, if you face  problems while executing your program. You can continue working until you reach the problematic statement after simply stepping back one line. 

Why Learn Best C Programming Language Course In Khanna At Micro Wave Computer Institute Khanna?

Micro Wave Computer Institute is one of the good IT institutes to learn Best C Programming Language Course in Khanna. We have 24 years of experience. Our Expert  & well-qualified trainer provides quality and practical education to the students .So, the students can learn each and every concept of programming language. It becomes essential to learn all the concepts of C languages very clearly because this language is the base of any language. So, the students can learn each and every concept of the programming language. 

What Will You Learn In Best C Programming Language Course In Khanna At Micro Wave Computer Institute Khanna?

Unit -1

Level of language: Machine Level Language, Assembly Level Language, High-Level Language, Types of Program: Object Program,Source Program, Difference Between Source Program, and Interpreter & Compiler, Object Program, Difference Between  Compiler and Interpreter, C Language Basics, Structure of C Language Program, Features of C Language, Header File in C language

Unit -2

Operators in C Language, Constants and Variables in C language,  Calculations in C Language

Unit -3

Control Statements in C language-if Statement, if-else Statement, Nested if-else Statement, Go to Statement, The Case Statement in C language: Switch Case, Switch Case Versus If else Ladder.

Unit -4

The Loop Control Structure in C language- While Loop, Do-While Loop, for Loop, While Loop Versus Do-While Loop, Counter Implementations in Loops, Accumulator Implementations in Loops, Commands, Continue Commands, Break Commands,  Continue Commands Versus, Break Commands, Nesting of Loops- Inner Loop, Use of Inner Loop, Outer Loop, Use of Outer Loop

Unit -5

Arrays, Deceleration Of arrays, Array Initialization, Types of Array, Single Dimension Array,  Multi-Dimensional Array,Sorting in C- Bubble Sort,Insertion Sort, Functions, Pointers, and Memory Management

Unit -6

Why use the function, Call by Value and Call by Reference, Introduction of Pointer· Pointer Notation


Structure- Deceleration of Structure, Accessing Structure Elements


Storage Classes-Types of Storage Classes, Properties of Storage Classes


File Input & Output

Eligibility To Join Best C Programming Language Course In Khanna

Without any specific eligibility, Students who have a basic knowledge of computers can easily learn Best C Programming Language Course in Khanna.

Duration of C programming Course

The duration of c programming language course is 1 month

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    C is a general-purpose programming language. This language is  simple and easy to use, popular and flexible. It is a structured programming language which is machine-independent and extensively used to write various applications, Operating Systems like Windows, and many other complex programs like Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and more. 

    As we know that programmers will learn C before C++ due to the basic concepts of the language, firstly learning C then learning OOPS object-oriented programming.

    Yes, C Language is not too hard to learn  but it is a valuable skill to have because most programming languages are actually implemented in C. Also, It is a machine level language  So learning it will teach you how a computer works and will actually make learning new languages in the future easier.

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