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Course On Computer Concepts (80 Hours)

Course On Computer Concepts (80 Hours)

Are you searching for the Best CCC Course in Khanna? We provide training for the CCC Course at Micro Wave Computer Institute Khanna. This course enables students to use a computer for basic purposes such as preparing personal/business letters, Sending mail, viewing information on the internet, and preparing business presentations. 

What Is CCC Course?

CCC course stands for Course on Computer Concepts. The purpose of this course is to impart a basic level IT literacy programme for the common man. It is a practical-based certification course on the basics of computer software and hardware. 

Why Learn Best CCC Course In Khanna At Micro Wave Computer Institute?

Micro Wave Computer Institute is an ISO:Certified institute in Khanna where we provide training for a variety of computer courses. We have trained thousands of students. We provide individual computers to every student at the institute so that they can learn easily and in a better way. Our trainers are experienced and well educated and they prepare students for their better future so that they can make their career brighter in an IT field.

Syllabus Of CCC Course At Micro Wave Computer Institute In Khanna

Introduction To Computer 

History of Computers, Computer Hardware & Software Operating System

MS Word 

MS Word–  File,new, open, save, save as,  print, print preview, exit, edit, page setup, cut, copy, paste, find & replace, delete, format, paragraph, font, tabs, change case , bullets & numbering, inserting file and pictures, tables, mail merge & practical.

MS Excel

MS Excel–  Overview, workbook, worksheet, cell, entering data, renaming etc. formula calculation, simple formula, complex formula & practical, inserting pictures, making graphs, goal seek, data sorting, filter & practical.

MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint– Basic operations, making slide, new slide, transition effects, formatting slide, clip art, word art, slide sorter view, slide show, custom animation, animation transitions etc.


 Font editing, find and replace, print command, save, save as etc. 

Word Pad

All types of editing on text like font colour, background colour, font size, strike, subscript and superscript, how to make list, alignment,  graphs, paint etc.


The duration of 80 Hours Computer Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute is 80 hours.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The main objective of the CCC course is to provide individuals with essential computer literacy and skills, enabling them to use computers confidently for various tasks in their personal and professional lives.

    The CCC course is beneficial for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including students, job seekers, senior citizens, and professionals, who wish to gain a foundational understanding of computers and digital technologies.

    The CCC course enhances digital literacy by teaching participants how to navigate computer interfaces, use common software applications, understand internet usage, and adopt safe and responsible online practices.

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