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Are you looking for the Best HTML Course in Khanna ? Look no further. Micro Wave Computer Institute provides Best HTML Training classes by experienced trainers in Khanna. We are providing quality education to students from the last 24 years. Our main aim is to deliver the best education to aspirants who have keen interest to learn IT courses. We are providing a variety of IT courses like Digital Marketing Course, Web Designing Course, Web Development Course, Basic Computer Course, Account with Tally ERP 9.0 and many more. Our HTML training program is especially designed for those who have completed their secondary education, undergraduates, graduates, freelancers, working professionals, or anyone who are interested in this field and want to learn how to create websites. All the trainers are well qualified and have proper knowledge of every concept. students can choose suitable time for their class.

What is HTML ? 

HTML is a language whose full form is Hypertext Markup Language. This language is used to create websites, web based applications and web pages. You cannot organize text or any kind of image or video to your web page without  HTML. Instead of other program development options, HTML is preferred by  Business stakeholders, project management and program developers because of its wonderful benefits. HTML is a beginner-friendly language with a lot of help and it is chiefly utilized for static site pages. HTML works be/st along with CSS for the styling and JavaScript for the functionality.

Syllabus of Best HTML Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute

Module 1: Web Programming Introduction

Architecture of a website

Different technologies in making the website

Module 2: HTML-Introduction

History of HTML

What you need to do to get going and make your first HTML page

What are HTML Tags and Attributes?

HTML Tag vs. Element

HTML Attributes

Module 3: HTML-Basic Formatting Tags

HTML Basic Tags

HTML Formatting Tags

HTML Color Coding

Module 4: HTML-Grouping Using Div Span

Div and Span Tags for Grouping

Module 5: HTML-Lists

Unordered Lists

Ordered Lists

Definition list

Module 6: HTML-Images

Image, Audio and Video

Module 7: HTML-Hyperlink

URL - Uniform Resource Locator

Module 8: HTML-Table

< table >

< th >

< tr >

< td >

< caption >

< thead >

< tbody >

< tfoot >

< colgroup >

< col >

Module 9: HTML-Iframe

Using Iframe as the Target

Module 10: HTML-Form

< input >

< textarea >

< button >

< select >

< label >

Module 11: HTML-Headers






Module 12: HTML-Miscellaneous


HTML Deprecated Tags & Attributes

Features of HTML

It is a language which is so easy to learn and understand. 

With the help of formatting tags, you can make an effective presentation.

You can add videos, images and graphics to your web page to make it more attractive.

HTML documents can be displayed on any platform. For instance, Linux.

You can design your web page along with the text.

Why Choose Micro Wave Computer Institute To Learn HTML?

Micro Wave Computer is a top leading institute which delivers quality education of IT Courses and provides education for the last 24 years in Khanna. with the help of unique methods our experienced and qualified trainers give the best education to students. Providing a good and calm learning environment to students so that they can learn in a better way. All the doubts of students are cleared in a class and our trainers clear every concept to students which are related to HTML and essential to learn. if you want to get best training of HTML, think about to join Best HTML Course in Khanna because we provide best training of HTML course to students. 


1.Web Pages Creation

HTML is intensely utilised for making pages that are shown on the internet. Each page contains a bunch of HTML labels, including hyperlinks which are utilized for interfacing with different pages. Each page that we observe on the internet is composed utilizing a variant of HTML code.

2. Data Entry

You have all of the APIs you will have to do any data entry tasks. As an engineer, you simply have to add labels to the important fields, for example, text and data formats.You might try to give on-screen keyboards and approval, guaranteeing a smooth and pleasant experience for the client.

 3. Offline storage

Imagine a scenario in which a portion of your clients is not on the web. With the assistance of using reserve techniques found in the latest form of HTML, you can still make your applications work. The application cache is responsible for different kinds of  offline capacities and incorporates different parts, including API calls that require updates.

Through the manifest document, you might control how the program manages its offline use and, surprisingly, the assets it utilises.

4.  Responsive Pictures On Web Pages

At the elementary level in utilizations of HTML, questions can be set to utilize the photos, which are responsive in nature. A specialist can totally control how the client will convey an image. By and by different kinds of images with size assortment can be stacked by using the img part. Rules can be conveniently set with the picture part; we can declare the image part with the default source, and a short time later for each case, a source can be given

Advantages of HTML

Below mentioned  are the Top 8  Pros of learning HTML:

Zero cost of HTML  

Undoubtedly, HTML is totally free. Instead of spending money to purchase specific software, you can use it without paying a single penny. Whenever we are working on any software we have to deal with various plugins. However, there is no need to deal with any kind of plugin in HTML. Therefore, it  is not expensive for business perspectives and the main point is that if the whole work of the website is done in HTML, you do not have a need to spend money on purchasing the license. 

HTML is not hard to use and learn 

HTML is easier to understand and learn. It is  a primary language which is learned by that person who initiates to learn web development.  There is not any complicated tag in HTML, all the tags are very simple. You can easily understand anothers code and make changes if required as it is not hard to understand it. Like any other programs, developers do not face any trouble or error if they make some mistakes in code or do not remember to close the tags. 

All Browsers support HTML 

HTML is supported by all browsers around the world. Therefore , if you write any website in HTML, then you do not have a need to worry about the browser support as in all browsers your website will easily show up if the program keeps in mind to optimize for the different browsers.

HTML is SEO friendly 

HTML is a Search engine Optimisation friendly  language as compared to other programming. It is easier to create SEO complaints websites with the usage of HTML. It is trouble free to learn, easy to access by crawlers. Apart from this, it reduces the page load time of web pages and enhances its performance. 

HTML is Simple to edit

HTML is uncomplicated to edit as you do not need any special platform to edit it. It can be simply written and edited in notepad or notepad++ can be used to edit it. 

HTML is easy to integrate with other languages 

HTML can be integrated with multiple languages with ease and does not create any problem in it. For example, we write code of  CSS, Javascript, PHP, node.js and many more between the HTML and it mixes with them without any problem. 

HTML Changes display immediately

HTML can see the changes on the instant when you reload the HTML page or save it. In HTML, there is no need to run the whole code and discover where the error is. Let us take an example, when you make a word italic, it will immediately show on the page once reload and saved.

HTML is user friendly 

It is user-friendly as it does not have any previous knowledge of any language. If you are capable of understanding simple language, then you can work well with it. 

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