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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an object-based dynamic scripting dialect(language) that is lightweight, interpreted and just in time compiled language with first class functions that are utilized as a part of website pages. This language is designed for making system driven applications. The first name of JavaScript was JavaScript, but its name was changed by Netscape and who gave it the name JavaScript. JavaScript is complementary to and incorporated into java.

Why Choose Best JavaScript Course at Micro Wave Computer Institute in Khanna?

We provide the Best JavaScript Course at Micro  Wave Computer Institute in Khanna. We are providing variety of other IT courses training in Khanna for the last 24 years. Our experienced trainers provide proper knowledge of every module.  Computer labs are fully equipped with proper working computers. All the staff members are well qualified and cooperative so students can easily share their doubts with their trainer and can get the best solution to their problem. Micro Wave Computer Institute is passionate about education of students, this makes us unique and the first choice of learners.  There is an availability of  different batches at our institute as students can choose the timing of their class which is suitable for them. We help our students to learn and understand Javascript in the easiest way which assists  them to be able to code properly and create more effective web pages.

After completing the course, we are providing an ISO:Certificate to students which is valid all over the world. Our years of experience assist us in delivering true value and quality education to aspirants who are willing to learn IT courses and want to get better jobs in IT companies.

Course Content of Best JavaScript Course at Micro Wave Computer Institute in Khanna

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript Language
  • Writing Simple JavaScript Example
  • Statements In JavaScript
  • JavaScript Variables and Data types
  • String and Number operations in JavaScript
  • Conditional examples (if else - switch case) 
  • Conditions In Java Script
  • Looping in JavaScript
  • Functions in JavaScript
  • Error Handling in JavaScript
  • Simple Calculator in JavaScript


  • Object-oriented
  • Object-based
  • Assembly-language
  • High-level
  • Event-driven

Features of JavaScript 

There are plenty of features of javaScript which are mentioned below: 

Firstly, JavaScript is a flexible programming language which can be easily used on client as well as server side. A user can create changes to his code at runtime and different effects  can be added by person to his web pages according to his requirement. 

The best thing is that Javascript supports various browsers. There is no need to install a plugin to use JavaScript as all plugins accept Javascript as a scripting language. 

JavaScript is an object oriented language which assists to  handle objects and inheritance process with ease.

This programming language  is equipped with control statements like switch-case, if-else-if, and loops like while, for, and do-while loops. These control statements make it a powerful programming language and enable users to write complex logic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question(1)- What is the use of JavaScript ? 

Answer:  JavaScript is used to create web pages. Also, with the help of this programming language users can add special effects to the web pages.

Question(2)-  Is JavaScript is front end or back end ?

Answer:  JavaScript is not only fronted but also back end development which is across the development stock. 

Question(3)-  What data types are there in JavaScript?

Answer:  There are two groups of data types in JavaScript: Primitive and Non-Primitive. The first group includes Boolean, Big Int, Undefined, Null, Number and Symbol. The non-primitive data type is the Object.

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