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DCA Course​

DCA Course in Khanna

Want to become a Computer Expert ? Looking for the Best DCA Course in Khanna ? Do not worry Micro Wave computer institute is providing the Best DCA Course in Khanna which is beneficial for students to get a job in any IT company. There is no denying this conviction that nowadays, most of the work is done with the help of computers so there is a need for computer specialists in almost every sector. Our main aim is preparing students in such a way so that they can easily get jobs as computer experts in this challenging world where getting a job in an IT company. In the DCA Course, Our experts provide proper training of MS OfficeHTMLCSSPhotoshopAccountsJavaScript. All the staff are qualified and provide practical knowledge as well. 

DCA Course in Khanna

DCA Course Overview

The DCA course stands for Diploma In Computer Applications (DCA) which  is a one year computer based diploma or  course. This course is designed to help students and professionals to gain in-depth knowledge of major concepts related to computers. This course involves the study of numerous computer applications such as MS Office, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, Account with Tally ERP 9.0. Once your Diploma in Computer Application Course will be completed, you can either go for further studies in a related field or can also opt for jobs in areas like Basic Computer Applications, Accounting, Software Developer, Computer Operator, etc.

Syllabus Of Best DCA Course In Khanna

  1. Computer Fundamentals and Windows
  2. Representation of data/Information concepts of data processing
  3. Introduction to Windows
  4. Formatting the texts
  5. Handling Multiple documents
  6. Special features
  7. Mail merge
  8. Spreadsheets
  9. Manipulation of cells
  10. Manipulation of sheets
  11. Providing Formulas and functions
  12. Filters- Auto Filter, Advanced filters
  13. Powerpoint presentations
  14. Powerpoint presentations
  15. WWW and Web browser
  16. Electronic mail

Understanding DCA Syllabus

Subject Category

Basics of Computer, Characteristic of Computer, Computer System,Central processing unit, Secondary Storage Devices, File System Input  Devices, Multimedia and Applications,  Computer Software and Hardware

Microsoft Office

Concepts related to Word Processing DTP work, Spreadsheet Package, Workbook,  Worksheets and Web PagesPresentations, Basic Animation, etc.

Internet And Its Usage

E-governance, E-commerce, Social Media, Emails, Conferencing, Websites,Webpages, Research, etc.

Principles Of Programming

Programming Basics, Introduction to Various Programming Languages like C, Python, JAVA etc.

Basics Of Financial Accounting System

Account with  Tally ERP 9.0  

Eligibility Criteria For Best DCA Course In Khanna

It is important to check eligibility criteria before joining a DCA computer course. Aspirants must have completed their 10 and 10+2 to get admission in DCA computer course to build their basic level skills & career in Computer Fields.

Job Prospects

There are numerous jobs available after completing a DCA course because almost every sector requires a computer application expert. The requirement of computer experts is similar in both private as well as public sector. Some of the popular jobs in this field mentioned below:

Web Designer.
C++ Developer.
BPO executive.
System Administrator.


The duration of DCA Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute is 1 year.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans: Of Course, choosing a DCA Computer Course is beneficial for students as they gain detailed knowledge of computer applications such as Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++. Having  a knowledge of these important applications assists them get a better job with high salary packages.

    Ans: Yes , Diploma in Computer Applications open up to job opportunities in not only government sectors but also in the private sector. They can work as Web Designer, C++ Developer,  Software Developer,  BPO executive, Java Developer, System Administrator, Clerk etc.

    Ans:  Yes, during the DCA Course students will learn MS Word, MS powerPoint and MS Excel . Apart from it, there are some other subjects which will be covered in the DCA Computer Course.

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