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Linux Operating System

Linux Operating System Course in Khanna

 Looking for the best linux training in Khanna? We want to inform you that Micro Wave Computer Institute in Khanna provides best coaching of linux at a reasonable fee structure. 

Linux is the most used and best known open source operating system. If you want to become a linux expert, come & join us. 

We will provide you proper and in-depth knowledge of the linux operating system which will help you to become a master in linux. 

What Is The Linux Operating System?

Linux is an open source operating system. An operating system is the software that directly manages a system’s hardware and resources, like CPU, storage and memory. 

In simple words, the operating system manages the communication between your hardware and software. Linux has not only the largest installed base of all general-purpose operating systems.

Syllabus For Best Linux Training In Khanna

In the syllabus of linux below mentioned subjects which you will learn during your training.

  1. What is Linux?
  2. Advantages of Linux 
  3. Linux History 
  4. Linux features
  5. Linux Bash
  6. Unix vs Linux
  7. Linux vs Window
  8. Linux Distructions
  9. Linux Licensing
  10. Set environment variable
  11. Linux set command
  12. Linux export command


  1. Link Directories 
  2. Linux Directories 
  3. Linux Home Directory
  4. Linux pwd
  5. Linux cd
  6. Linux Absolute relative 
  7. Linux Path Completion
  8. Linux Is
  9. Linux mkdir
  10. Linux rmdir
  11. Rename folder in Linux 
  1. Linux Commands
  2. Linux commands list 
  3. Commands with example 

Why Choose Micro Wave Computer Institute For Best Linux Training In Khanna?

Micro Wave Computer Institute is an ISO:Certified institute in Khanna providing computer courses training for the last 24 years where you can get the best coaching of IT courses.

Every trainer has experience in their field and teaches students in a co-operative manner. We provide individual computer to every student at the institute and all computers are working in good condition.
Also, the best thing about our institute is that we give freedom to students to choose the timing of their class. 


The duration of linux operating system Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute is 1 Months.

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What Are The Advantages Of Best Linux Training In Khanna?

Open Source

Linux is an open-source operating system as there is an easy availability of source code. Anyone with programming skills can customise the operating system. For any purpose, you can modify, contribute, distribute and extend the code.

Software Development

Linux has a lot of software development which is much faster as compared to other operating system updates. Without facing major problems, it is easy to updates in linux.


The best thing about linux systems is that it is free to use. Just download, no need to buy the license for it. You have to pay relatively high fees for licenses for other operating systems.


Linux is more stable than other operating systems. Linux does not require a system reboot to maintain performance levels. It rarely hangs or slows down. It has great uptime.


The Linux operating system is very flexible. You can use linux for embedded systems, server applications, and desktop applications. It also offers various restriction options for specific computers. You can install only the components that your system needs.


Linux always cares about user privacy as it never gets much personal data from the user. In comparison, other operating systems demand personal user data.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Linux is an open-source, Unix-like operating system kernel that serves as the core of various Linux distributions, providing a foundation for running applications and managing hardware resources.

    A Linux distribution, or distro, is a complete operating system package that includes the Linux kernel, software packages, system tools, and a package manager. Examples include Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS.

    The "sudo" command allows authorised users to execute commands with elevated privileges, enabling them to perform administrative tasks and make system-wide changes.

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