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Ms Word Course

Ms Word Course in Khanna

Looking for the Best MS Word Course Training Institute Khanna  ? If yes, you are at the right place as Micro Wave Computer Institute provides the Best MS Word Course in Khanna. In this course, our experts will teach you the important concepts of MS Word and how you can  take full advantage of Microsoft Word.  Also, students will learn how to make documents like letters, typesetting books and magazines, updates, research projects, reports, and so on. Our expert trainers provide appropriate knowledge of MS Word and clear each and every concept in order to make aspirants MS word expert. Also, we are providing training on MS Powerpoint, MS ExcelWeb DesigningWeb Development, Digital MarketingBasic Computer CourseAccount with Tally 9.0.

What is MS Word?

MS word is a word processor which was developed by Microsoft in 1983. It is  one of the most widely used programs of the Microsoft office suite. It is used to make professional-quality documents , research projects,letters, updates,letters, reports, etc. It has advanced features which assist  you to format and  edit  your files and documents  in the best possible way.

Syllabus Of MS Word At Best MS Word Course In Khanna

  1. Learn how to create your new documents nal-quality 
  2. Learn how to change the Background, page Layout and Borders
  3. Edit pictures and shapes
  4. Images to your document
  5. Learn about paragraphs
  6. Managing content
  7. Links, Header, Footer
  8. Reference

What Are The Uses Of MS Word?

  1. MS word enables you to create, transcribe  edit, and convert PDF documents.
  2. You can create resumes.
  3. You can create books, emails, newspapers, and articles.
  4. You can do write-ups.
  5. You can create assignments and notes in MS – Word.
  6. You can create birthday cards, invitation cards.
  7. You can write your day- to- day activities in MS word.

How To Create An MS Word Document?

  • If you want to create MS documents follow these steps. 
  • Firstly,  open MS word. 
  • Select file > New > Blank document.

Features Of MS Word

There are some features and components of an MS word which will be discussed below.


MS Word has options such as font size, font colour, alignment, line spacing, bullets etc. in the home section, you can find all the basic elements which are essential to edit documents.


In the insert category, shapes, tables, charts, images, header, footer, page number etc. are included which can be used in a document.


In the design tab, you can select the design in which you want to create your document. Selecting a suitable tab will help to improve the appearance of your document

Page Layout

In the Page Layout tab comes options like orientation, columns, lines, margins, spacing, indentation etc


In this tab, you can discover options like footnote, citation, captions, table of contents, bibliography etc. Also, This section is most helpful for those who are creating lengthy documents, a thesis or writing books.


This Tab is beneficial for those who get their documents reviewed on MS Word. There is the availability of spell check, grammar, word count, translations, Thesaurus, comments, languages etc. in this tab.



The duration of Best MS Word Course in Khanna is 20 days

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    Frequently Asked Questions

     MS Word is the most popular word processor which is used for the creation of both simple and complex documents.

    Yes, there are some appealing ready-made templates in MS Word which you can use to build a resume or you can make your resume according to your requirements and desire. 

    You will be able to learn MS Word within 20 days. 

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