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Punjabi Typing Course

Best Punjabi Typing course in Khanna

Micro Wave Computer Institute is providing the best Punjabi Typing Course in Khanna.Typing is the process of writing or inputting text by pressing keys on a typewriter, keyboard, cell phone, or a calculator. Punjabi Typing is an essential as well as teaching skill which is important for everyone. Having Punjabi typing skills opens up career opportunities. User interface features such as autocomplete, spell checker,  and autoreplace serve to to prevent or correct errors the typist may make and speed up typing and to prevent or correct errors the typist may make. Punjabi Typing Course assists you to make a career in various Govt. jobs. Digital Marketing Course, Web Designing Course, Web Development Course, Basic Computer Course, Account with Tally ERP 9.0 etc. 

Punjabi Typing Training Course

We are teaching a Punjabi typing course with raavi font for the last 24 years. Our institute is ISO: certified, when students complete their course we provide a certificate to students which will be valid to apply for Government jobs. In exams during your typing test, raavi font is more preferable than other fonts. 

Why Punjabi Typing Speed Matters For Government Jobs ?

When you will learn Punjabi typing, you will be able to save your time on any kind of work that requires Punjabi typing. If you want to apply for any government jobs, having Punjabi typing skills is a must for you. With the usage of ravi font, we are providing the best typing course in order to prepare students for their best career.


The duration of the Punjabi typing course is 3 months.

Future of Punjabi Typing

The future of Punjabi typing is definitely bright as according to the Job Market Survey Statistics, projects a 64% increase in Typing job openings by Govt. Especially in India which proves that there is a lot of demand for Punjabi typing for Govt. job.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Typing Course beneficial?

    Typing course provides many benefits. This course not only helps you to improve your typing speed but is also helpful for a better career. When you acquire typing skills, you can quickly do your work at your workplace and get a better salary package.

     Yes, when you complete your Typing course, you will get an ISO : Certificate from Micro Wave Computer Institute which will be valid to apply for a job. 

    Yes, there are plenty of jobs available for typewriters. They can work as a Data Entry Operator, Assistant Typist, Copy Editor, Transcriptionist, Content Writer etc.

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