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10 Benefits Of MS PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft suite and the most powerful software for presentations. It is not only for personal use but also you can use it for business and educational purposes. This software allows you to create your own presentation for personal as well as professional use by using text, images, audio, videos, table data, etc. Also, there is a range of animations and transitions which helps to make the presentation more dynamic and in the way you want. 

What Is MS PowerPoint Used For?

MS PowerPoint is used in creating presentations from scratch. One can add text, images, animations, videos, and sound effects to make it more appealing. 

Advantages Of MS PowerPoint

1. A Range Of Shortcuts

MS PowerPoint offers a big list of shortcuts that not only helps to speed up the presentation but also make it much easier for you to finish as you can press the arrow key if you want to move between slides quickly.

2. Mobile Presentation

Another prominent benefit of MS PowerPoint can be used easily because it is functional on mobile phones and other devices. You can make PPT on mobile instantly through the Microsoft PowerPoint app which you can install for Android and iOS through the google play store. 

3. You Can Create Your Own Theme

MS PowerPoint allows you to create your own theme in order to use them in your presentation with the usages of colors, fonts, effects, and layouts that you prefer.

4. Multiple Uses

MS PowerPoint is a software that is not only a presentation tool but same time, we can use it for other kinds of material such as CVs, videos, gifs, flyers, marketing materials, etc. in order to create social media posts, presentations for clients and infographics you use MS PowerPoint. 

5. Wide Variety Of File Export Formats

In PowerPoint, you can export all presentations or their parts in various formats. Files can be exported in PDF format. You can also export your presentation slides in .jpg or .png format. Apart from it, you can export your presentation to video and save it in MP4 format.

6. An Effective Way Of Communicating With Your Audience

You can share your presentation with your audience and can communicate with them. You can upload your presentation on YouTube or other platforms. You have to choose your way of communicating that you want to depend more on text, images, or videos, all of them can be easily integrated into PowerPoint. 

7. You Can Insert Multimedia Formats

You can insert images, videos, web videos, and audio files which help to explain your idea in a better way to make your presentation more eye-catching. In addition, there are some basic sounds or you can insert your own audio. 

8. Extremely Efficient Tool

The best thing about MS PowerPoint is that it is the most efficient tool as it provides all kinds of tools that assist you to become a PowerPoint expert. 

9. Accessible For All Users

In most cases, the employee already has a Microsoft license on their work computer, including PowerPoint. Universities also acquire purchase suites for students and teachers to access and use. 

10. Work Online Or Offline

It is true that PowerPoint allows you to work online as well as offline. You can create and share basic presentations directly in your browser when you use PowerPoint. You have to install the software on your desktop devices, if you want to use all the features of PowerPoint, you have to install the software on your desktop devices. MS PowerPoint gives you the freedom to work online or offline, depending on which mode works best for your particular presentation. Many MS PowerPoint users work in both modes, depending on what they are creating and what they want to do.

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