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Which Is Perfect To Learn Python Or JavaScript?

As the importance of programming languages has been booming, having a knowledge of any programming language not only helps to make your career successful but also you can get better job opportunities after getting programming skill. 

Although there are many languages to learn, python and JavaScript are trending. Majority of people give preference to learn these languages and companies hire those candidates who have a knowledge of Python or JavaScript.  

What Is Python Language?

Python Language

Python is a programming language that is interpreted, high-level, general-purpose, and object-oriented. This is the most popular language and Python skills are necessary to get a job in the IT industry nowadays. 

What Are The Uses Of Python?

There are lots of uses of Python which makes it a popular language among people. Here is the list of the uses of Python languages. 

1. You can build desktop applications with the help of Python.

2. Data science is another popular use for Python. Data scientists and analysts prefer programming languages like Python to manipulate data for reporting, predictive analysis, and more. 

3. You can develop web applications by using Python.

4. The majority of the utilities and scripts built into the Linux operating system are written in Python.

5. Many organizations rely upon Python to do the heavy lifting. This has led more and more startups to include Python in their tech stack for ease of use and scalability. 

6. Python is the most popular programming language used in the financial industry because of various third-party libraries designed for financial analysis and its data processing capabilities.

Career Opportunities After Learning Python

  • Python developer
  • Data analyst
  • Product manage
  • Machine learning engineer

What Are The Benefits Of Python?

Benefits of Python

Here are some important benefits of Python: 

1. Portability

Portability refers to the ability of an application to run on different operating systems (OS). Python programs can run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux without changing the program code, as long as the program does not contain system-specific calls.

Python portability is largely due to using an interpreter rather than a compiler. Both interpreters and compilers transform source code into machine code. However, they are done in different ways at different times. 

2. Increased Productivity

Python is a very useful programming language. Python is so simple that developers can focus on the topic at hand. You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the syntax and behavior of programming languages. If you want you can write less code, but accomplish more. 

3. Computer Graphics

Python is mostly used in online or offline projects big and small and is used to create GUI, which stands for Graphical User Interface. Tkinter is his default GUI library for Python because it is also used for desktop applications and then game development. Therefore, by combining Python and Tkinter, you can create GUI applications and programs quickly and easily. 

4. Scripting And Automation

Python is used as a scripting language. Hence, in scripting, the code is written in the style of scripting and dead. Therefore, the machine is primarily executing and interpreting code while all run-time error checking is being done. Automation allows you to automate certain tasks in your program that open your browser and allow you to publish content to your dynamic website. 

What Is JavaScript Programming Language?

Javascript Programming Language

JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted, cross-platform, and compiled programming language. JavaScript is also known as the Web Page Scripting Language.

It is widely known for website improvement and is likewise used in lots of non-browser environments. JavaScript may be used for each client-side and server-side improvement.

What Are The Uses Of JavaScript?

There are many uses of JavaScript which makes it a more in-demand language. Here is the list of the uses of JavaScript:

  • JavaScript is commonly used to create web pages. You can add dynamic behavior to your web pages and add special effects to your web pages.
  • JavaScript is also used to create games. There are various libraries and frameworks for creating games. 
  • Another most powerful use of JavaScript is building apps for non-web contexts.
  • Develop and build robust web applications using various JavaScript frameworks. 

Career Opportunities After Learning JavaScript

  • Front End Web Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • UX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • DevOps Engineer

What Are The Benefits Of JavaScript?

Benefits of Javascript

There are lots of advantages of JavaScript. Here is the list of major advantages of JavaScript language. 

1. Most Popular Programming Language

Nowadays, JavaScript is the most popular programming language and it is used by professional developers. Backend developers are mostly choosing JavaScript. 

2. JavaScript Is Ideal For Beginners

JavaScript is a great tool for beginner programmers who want to extend their skills to other languages.

JavaScript supports valuable features such as object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming styles. Beginner developers can then apply these skills to any new language they want to learn (Python, Java, C++, etc.). 

3. Great Library/Framework

If you look only at the most popular frameworks/libraries, you’ll find that most of them are based solely on JavaScript. 
Popular frameworks like Vue.js and Angular.js, libraries like React.js, and runtimes like Node.js are all JS-based, just with different use cases, and can be used for application development based on your requirements. 
Additionally, React.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries actively used in front-end website development these days. 

4. Server Load

JavaScript is client-side, so data validation can be done in the browser itself rather than being transferred to the server. There is no need to reload the entire website when there are discrepancies. Only the selected area of ​​the page is refreshed by the browser. 

Which Is Perfect To Learn Python Or JavaScript?

These languages have their importance and if you want to make your career in the IT field, learning these most in-demand languages is beneficial for you.
If you are new to web development, you can start with JavaScript, which is used for front-end programming while, if you want to learn a language primarily for back-end programming, Python is the way to go. 

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