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Why Learning Tally Is Great For A Better Future?

Nowadays, the demand for Tally courses is increasing day by day. We often use the term tally when calculating large numbers. Also, when school teaches us how to use tally tables to solve number problems we use the term tally. We want to inform you that the term Tally we are referring to is the name of software. Majority of small businesses to large corporations prefer it to corporate accounting and inventory management.

Tally is very simple, time-absorbThe majority, cost-efficient, and easy to operate software. Tally assists businesses to keep records of all transactions made by their companies. Tally is the most powerful software that handles all silent deals.

Why Learning Tally Is Great For A Better Future

What is Tally ERP?

Tally is one of the most popular accounting software. It is a complete business software for small businesses. Tally software stores every transaction in detail for each account. You can use this tool to carry out all banking, accounting and auditing procedures.

What are the Features of Tally?

  1. Tally ERP 9 is multi lingual because it supports multi languages. You can maintain accounts in one language and can view reports in another language.
  2. Tally is the best software because it contains no code, easy to use, robust and powerful. Also, it works fast, and has full online help. 
  3. You can create and manage accounts for up to 99,999 companies.
  4. Tally.ERP9 generates immediate and accurate reports that assist management to make timely and appropriate decisions for business productivity and growth. 
  5. Payroll functions automate the management of employee files.
  6. Tally has a feature of synchronisation. The transactions maintained in many locations offices can be automatically updated.
  7. Prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with company requirements.
  8. Single and multiple group management is a very important feature of Tally.

Advantages of Tally ERP 9

This software has many advantages. Here is the list of top benefits of Tally. 

  1. Tally is a software that has a low cost of ownership and is easy to implement and customise. 
  2. It supports operating systems such as Windows and Linux and you can install it on many systems.  
  3. The Tally software installation takes up very little space.  Installing Tally is an easy process.
  4. Tally.ERP9 software offers the advantage of easy knowledge transfer. 
  5. You can update enter data throughout the system and should access from any place. Thus, physical files should not move from one geographical location to another.
  6. It is much more beneficial for small-sized organisations because they have to manage their finances daily. Tally.ERP9 changes to score daily transactions to help you take steps towards gains instead of losses.

Tally Course Eligibility Criteria

If you want to pursue in this excellent career path, here are the requirements for taking Tally courses-

  • You must have passed your high school(10th) and secondary school(12th).
  • If you have a basic understanding of accounting and business management this course will also be a good choice for you.
  • Graduates can also go for this program.

Career Opportunities After Tally Course

1. Accounts Executive

Account managers are employees responsible for ongoing business relationships with customers. This allows employees to involve in the company’s advertising, publicity and financial services. 

2. Accounts Assistant

With this job profile, you can assist senior accountants or take on commercial tasks. Expected job roles include typing, making important business calls, answering emails. Also, filing important documents, and helping with basic accounting.

3. Data Entry Operator

Data entry is the type of work that involves entering data into various computer databases through various data processing programs.

Data Entry Operators are responsible for entering company data into computer systems after organising various types of documents, spreadsheets and paperwork into the required electronic format.

4.Junior Accountant

Junior accountant supervise by senior accountants or accounting managers. A junior accountant’s responsibilities include posting journal entries and updating financial statements. Also, managing accounts receivable and payable, paying monthly salaries, and preparing financial reports. 

5.Tally Operator

They are responsible for  keeping records of money going in and out of organisations and keeping its records. Their key roles are checking and analysing spreadsheet data, collating. Also, financial control systems, examining company accounts, and other financial management tasks.

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