120 Hours Computer Course

In this modern era, computers play an integral role in our daily life. 120 Hours Computer Course in Khanna is similar to a Basic Computer Course. Having a knowledge of computers is essential because it is used in every field. Micro Wave Computer Institute is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified institute which provides training of 120 Hours computer course at a reasonable prices. 


Want to get best training of 120 hours computer course in Khanna ?

Don’t worry about that Micro Wave Computer Institute provides 120 Hours computer course in Khanna and dedicated teachers explain everything in detail and clear all doubts of students so that they can learn better. With this course certificate students can not only apply for Punjab Govt. job but also for private jobs in almost any sector.  

As Micro Wave Computer Institute is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute So our certificate will be fully valid for all Govt. Jobs and other. If you are searching for good Government jobs, this course is the bare minimum requirement to apply. 

Syllabus of 120 Hours Computer Course in Khanna:-

We are providing daily 1 Hour Class so the total course is divided into 120 Days. In addition, all course description shown below :

Introduction to Computer 

History of Computers, Computer Hardware & Software Operating System.

MS Word 

MS Word- File new, open, save, save as, page setup, print preview, print, exit, edit, cut, copy, paste, delete, find & replace, format, paragraph, font, tabs, change case , bullets & numbering, inserting file and pictures, tables, mail merge & practical

MS Excel

MS Excel- Overview, workbook, worksheet, cell, entering data, renaming etc. formula calculation, simple formula, complex formula & practical, inserting pictures, making graphs, goal seek, data sorting, filter & practical.

MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint- Basic operations, making slide, new slide, transition effects, formatting slide, clip art, word art, slide sorter view, slide show, custom animation, animation transitions etc.


 Font editing, find and replace, print command, save, save as etc. 

Word pad

All types of editing on text like font color, background color, font size, strike, subscript and superscript, how to make list, alignment,  graphs, paint etc. 

Duration of 120 Hours Computer Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute 

The duration of 120 Hours Computer Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute is 2 Months.

Scope of 120 Hours Computer Course

Looking for a Govt Job-like Punjab Patwari post, Punjab State Excise Officer,  Punjab PSPCL LDC post Electricity department and many more etc, then you have to clear the 120 Hours Computer Course Certificate. Moreover, 120 Hours of Computer Course students will get in- depth knowledge about computers and how their functions work. When your course will finish, you can apply for any type of Govt. Jobs. Furthermore, this course will provide new opportunities to them.

Why Consider Micro Wave Computer Institute for 120 Hours Computer Course in Khanna?

Being the Best Computer Training Institute in Khanna, we are an ISO-Certified Computer Institution, providing a quality education of 120-Hour Training Program to those students who require the best computer training. Our expert teachers provide proper knowledge of this course to students who aspire to clear government exams and prepare them. Students can apply for any Government job when they complete their course. 

Benefits of taking 120 Hours Computer Course in Khanna

Enhance the chances of employ-ability

Completing a 120 hours computer course increases your career prospects. Having a detailed and more knowledge of computers helps to clear government exams and in every sector there is a need to do work on computers so it helps to get a job in Government as well as in the private sector. Most of the companies give preference to hire those employees who have a good knowledge of computers and who are capable to work on computers so computer knowledge helps to get a better job and open up to career opportunities.  

Wage and Benefits Increases

Although , there are numerous benefits of taking 120 Hours Computer Course but biggest advantage is that it helps to increase your wages. If it is hard for any employee to use a computer for work, then gaining knowledge from computer course can assist him to do more work in less time. What are the advantages of taking a computer course if you currently have a Government job and don’t want to change careers? There are several benefits of taking 120 Hours Computer Course but increased productivity is the most evident benefit. If an employee has difficulty using a computer at work? Then the knowledge gained in introductory computer courses can help him increase the amount of work he can complete. As more work they will done their performance will become better and employees will receive more salary packages from company. 

Get Promotions in the workplace through 120 hours computer courses

Learning computer skills increases the chances for promotion within a company. There is no denying in this conviction that students can focus his studies on learning how to develop the machinery at his workplace, if student have ability to recognise outdated parts of his company’s technology department. This is a great option for  to move from his current position to a well paid position after completing this course  studies. This is especially useful for entry-level and low-level employees who want promotion in their firm. It is beneficial to opt for a 120 Hours Computer Course if you want to magnify your salary and want to grab a greater hand on the latest technology. 


Q.1  Which short term computer course is best to apply  for Govt. Job?

Ans: if you want to join short term course to apply for Govt. job, then there is no better option than 120 Hours computer course. 

Q.2  Will you provide certificate when my course will be completed ?

Ans: Yes, you will get ISO certificate from Micro Wave Computer Institute. 

Q.3 Which is the best institute to provide 120 Hours certificate course in Khanna ?

Ans. Micro Wave Computer Institute is ISO 9001-2015 certified Computer Institute i Khanna. We have a experience of 24 years. 

Q.4 Why Computer Knowledge is required for Goverment job?

Ans. Firstly, having a knowledge of computer is must to work in any field specially in government jobs because most of the work is done online so it is important to learn how main functions of computer working.

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