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MS PowerPoint Course ​

MS PowerPoint Course in Khanna

Want to know how to create a good presentation? you have need to take the Best MS PowerPoint Course in Khanna at a Micro Wave Computer Institute. We are providing quality education with Best MS PowerPoint Course in Khanna and teach students how they can make presentations for personal and professional use by adding animations, images, videos, sound effects, etc. Our qualified trainers teach students how they can make their presentation more effective by providing them with information about its functions, features, etc.

Basics Of MS PowerPoint

What Is MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is powerful presentation software that was developed by Microsoft suite and used to create slideshows of essential information, images, and charts for presentations. This software can be used to make personal and professional presentations.

How To Start MS PowerPoint On A Computer?

If you want to open MS PowerPoint in a computer, you have to follow the steps mentioned below : 

  • The first step, click on a start button.
  • Secondly, select all programs.
  • Then, select MS Office.
  • Now, click on the MS PowerPoint.

The blank presentation will be opened on your computer.

What Is PPT ?

The full form of PPT is PowerPoint Presentations which are demonstrations of data, methods or a sequence of steps by which something is done. In order to communicate messages clearly it contains drawings, charts and other images.

What Elements Can Be Added To Presentations?

There are multiple elements that can be added to an MS PowerPoint slide.

  • Images,
  • Animations,
  • Text design elements,
  • GIFs,
  • Graphics,
  • Audio,
  • Videos,

To  make a slide more attractive and presentable, these elements can be added.

What Are The Components Of Microsoft PowerPoint?

The various components of Microsoft PowerPoint screen are given below

Title Bar

In this section, the name of the file is displayed along with the program.

Notes Pane

To type speaker notes for the current slide this section can be used. 

Slide Pane

An area where the slides are created.

View Buttons

To display the presentation in different views, view buttons are used.

Microsoft Office Button

It performs many functions like creating a new presentation, opening an existing presentation,  saving and saving, printing, sending, or closing.


The ribbon is located just above the slide pane with seven tabs. Each tab is divided into groups.

Quick Access Toolbar

This customization toolbar contains commands you may want to use. 

Mini Toolbar

when you select text or right-click a text, this is a floating toolbar that is displayed. Formatting tools such as fonts, italics, bold, font color, font size, etc. are included in it.

Slide View

This is the normal view of PowerPoint which allows you to create, edit, format, or design your presentation slides.

Features Of MS PowerPoint

There is the availability of various features in MS PowerPoint which can optimize a presentation. These features are discussed below which you will learn in Best MS PowerPoint Course In Khanna:

Slide Layout

A presentation can be created with the usages of various options and layouts. These options can be seen under the home section.

This image shows the various slide layout options which can be used. 


Insert category allows users to select what feature they want to insert in their presentation. In this section audio, images, videos, symbols, header, footer, shapes, etc. are included. The image below shows the features which can be inserted:

Slide Design

In MS PowerPoint, slide design is a graphical representation of themes,  fonts, colors, layouts, and many more. We can choose different types of slide themes present in Microsoft PowerPoint with the help of designs. This makes the presentation more eye-catching. Even though there are existing design templates available but if someone wants to add some new texture or color, the option to customize the design is also available or one can download slide designs online. 


Animation can help make a PowerPoint presentation more powerful, and help make information more memorable. Through the animation category, one can add animation. 


The duration of MS PowerPoint Course in Khanna at Micro Wave Computer Institute is 20 days.

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Benefits Of MS PowerPoint In Khanna

Fast Creation

Other word processors may take more time during making a presentation but MS PowerPoint is more efficient to create an effective presentation. It allows users to add down slides and add other things such as image, bullet list, number list, chart, plain text and much more. Also, sound can be added if someone wants to add in their presentation. Apart from that, image formats and sliding speed, and transitions are also available here.

Everything Is Free

The best thing about MS PowerPoint is that it is free and does not attain even a single rupee from users as they can make effective presentations. Every laptop and computer with a preinstalled windows already acquire these programs. Therefore, with the help of MS PowerPoint, students can make better presentations.

Provide Huge Flexibility In Design And Creativity

MS PowerPoint provides flexibility and creativity. With the features of PowerPoint one can include shapes, can creatively use colours to make presentation more eye catching. MS PowerPoint provides you a variety of designs which can be used to present better presentations.The design features PowerPoint offers can in many aspects be compared to advanced design software solutions like Adobe InDesign. You don’t need separate software to design your slides – PowerPoint provides you with built-in features.

Visual Impact

With the usage of media, you can make your presentation more interesting which helps to put a better impression on the audience. For great visual impact, MS PowerPoint allows you to use images, video, and audio. Images and videos assist you to present ideas in a perfect way in any presentation. Also, you can add some basic sounds or insert your own audio. These visual and audio cues may also help a presenter be more improvisational and interactive with the audience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software developed by Microsoft and used to create slideshows of essential information, images, and charts for presentations.

    Within 20 days, you can easily learn every concept about MS PowerPoint in-depthly. 

    Although, there are many benefits of MS PowerPoint but most significant is that everything is free in MS PowerPoint and it provides huge flexibility in design and creativity.

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