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Is C++ Still Relevant In 2024?

Nowadays, Having a knowledge of programming languages is really important. There are many programming languages and they all have their own importance. 

There is one language that is C++ which is considered as one of the most important and foundation languages of many other languages.

If you have interest in computer science, you know about this essential language. Among the top programming languages, c++ is preferred as a high performance softwares. 

What Is C++ Language?

Is C++ still relevant in 2024

C++ is an object-oriented and general-purpose programming language. It is an imperative and a compiled language which was developed as an enhancement of the C language to include an object-oriented paradigm.

The C++ programming language is used to develop browsers, operating systems, and applications, as well as to develop games, software engineering, and data structures.

Career Opportunities For C++ Programmers

  • Junior Programmer.
  • Senior Programmer.
  • Software Developer.
  • Software Developer Engineer.
  • Quality Analyst.
  • Game Programmer.
  • C++ Analyst.
  • Programming Architect.

Uses Of C++ Programming Language

There are many uses of C++ Programming Languages. Here is the list of main uses of C++ language. 

1.Operating Systems

All operating systems, whether Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux, have parts which are programmed in C++. C++ is a fast, strongly-typed programming language that is the backbone of all known operating systems, making it an ideal choice for developing operating systems.


C++ is widely used in almost any graphics application that requires fast rendering, image processing, real-time physics, and mobile sensors. 


Game developers have been using C++ to create games for decades. C++ is commonly used in programming game development engines.

With C++ you can develop games for different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Video game development is one of the most notable uses of C++.

4.Embedded Systems

C++ is widely used in embedded systems due to the reason that it is an intermediary language. Various embedded systems like smartwatches, medical machines use C++ as the primary programming language.


Because of the speed of C++, the rendering engines of various web browsers are programmed in C++. All modern web browsers – Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari Chrome- have a core rendering engine written in C++.

6. Cloud/Distributed Systems

C++ become a preferred choice for Cloud systems because Cloud storage systems use scalable file-systems that work close to the hardware.

Benefits Of C++ Programming Language

There are lots of advantages of C++ Programming Language. Here is the list of top benefits of C++ Programming Language. 

1.Rich Library Support

The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) has many features that you can use to write code quickly. For example, here is his STL for various containers like hashtables, maps, sets, etc. 


C++ offers this feature of portability that allows developers to develop code without worrying about hardware. This allows you to move program development from one platform to another.  


C++ is a high-performance programming language that is widely used in low-level and system-level development. C++ is one of the most efficient and reliable programming languages.

C++ is used in situations where performance is important, such as operating system development and 3D video game development.

4.Similar To Other Languages

C++ syntax is similar to C, C#, and Java. It is easier for you to learn C++ if you already know of one of these languages. 

Applications, web browsers, operating systems, and parts of websites can be created with the help of Java and C++. Both program languages have similar syntax. 

5. Scalability

Scalability is another great advantage of C++ i.e. its program can be scaled to another level. Therefore, resource-intensive applications can be built using C++. It doesn’t matter if the program is low scale or high scale. 

6.Big Community

C++ Programming Language is used by a majority of developers who improve it and create open-source libraries. When using the language, we can rely on the work these people have already done.

Why Is C++ Still Relevant Today?

The exceptional dependability, scalability, and performance make C++ still a more in-demand language in 2024. The most notable use of C++ is the development of video games.

Numerous video game companies prefer to use C++-based engines such as PhyreEngine, Unity Engine, and Unreal.  C++ is the third most energy-efficient programming language. 

At the time of writing, C++ is the fourth most popular programming language, followed by Python, C, and Java at the top of the list. 

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